Salary/Benefits Survey

"Knowing for sure, being sure, surely depends on having the right information at the right time.  When we are sure, we make decision with confidence and use what we know to shape tomorrow.  Information has become one of the most valuable assets; yet it is always changing and hard to pin down.  We must stay on top of it or we become a little more lost each passing day.  When we fall behind, we begin to make guesses and never know if they are good guesses or bad guesses...until it's too late.  Bottom line, we need the right information all the time, every time."

Booker Moore, President & CEO, L.R. Webber Associates, Inc.

For over thirty years, L.R. Webber Associates has been your connection to timely and reliable information on wages, salaries, employee benefits, as well as compensation practices and trends through the L.R. Webber Associates, Inc. Salary/Benefits Survey for financial institutions.

Are you needlessly over paying employees?  Are you in danger of losing employees to competitors?  Are you expecting above average performance from key executives, while offering non-competitive salaries and compensation?  Do you even have the means to begin answering these questions? Beyond simply presenting wage data, the survey will help you assess your current situation and know if your institution is normal, above or below average, or both.

The Salary/Benefits Report Includes:

Wages/Salaries for over 200 Job Titles

  • Range Averages
  • Weighted Average Salaries
  • Median
  • Absolute - Minimum & Maximum

Sixteen Selected Jobs

  • Total Annual Compensation - Includes base salary, cash bonus/incentive, and other taxable compensation

Employee Benefits

  • Group Insurance Costs
  • Program Details
  • Retirement Plan Data

Executive Benefits and Perquisites

  • Five Highest Salaried Employees
  • Total Compensation
  • Salary & Bonus
  • Directors' fees
  • Bonuses

Compensation Practices

  • Wage and Salary Practices
  • Supplemental Compensation

For all information regarding our surveys, please contact Brad Webber at 814-695-8066 ext. 232.

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